What is this all about?

Hi, I'm Stefánia, working with web since 2003. During my career I came across many lines of code, solutions, frameworks, mindsets.

If you have been in this industry for some time, it should not be breaking news that CSS and HTML are those parts of an application people still underestimate. Because of that, some interesting code pieces are born. I'd like to preserve these lines by showing you the bad example, explaining what's wrong with it and how to fix it.

With this, I hope I can help you learn and improve.

Side note

All of my examples are from real websites in production. Since I don't want to hurt anyone, I change the class names for harder identification.

Why is it called CSS Hell?

It's a joke idea I stole from HTMHell. I hope adding some fun and sarcasm to learning might help raising awareness of how !important a good CSS code is.

Got an issue, an idea?

Please report it on GitHub!

Would you like to support my work?

CSS Hell is made with love and a lots of coffee. If you wish to buy me one, you can do it on Ko-fi ❤️