1. content is your Content?

    I saw a developer using the content property for adding extra text to a label, because why not, he said. Sadly, this raises several issues.

    .label::after {
    content: "My label";
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  2. One size should fit all?

    In modern web development, there is less and less reason to use fix sizing for an element, especially when it's a content wrapper.

    .wrapper {
    height: 800px;
    width: 1024px;
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  3. We don't float down here anymore

    I just realised I can't tell when was the last time I used the float property. There are so many other ways to align items without any fuss!

    .sidebar {
    float: right;
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  4. Convenient CSS naming conventions

    I often run into the problem where I see the same class name being reused on different parts and context of the website, but when 1 out of the 3 properties don't match with the design, developers just use inline styling to override the desired rule.

    .primary-text {
    color: #000;
    font-family: "Open Sans";
    line-height: 1.2;
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  5. Let's talk about units

    There is a life beyond pixels and percentages. Using px units is fine in certain cases, the real mistake is using absolute instead of relative units.

    p {
    font-size: 16px;
    line-height: 20px;
    margin-bottom: 8px;
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